One way I practice self-care is with daily exercise and movement. I love attending different classes and becoming a part of a unique social network. With the coronavirus pandemic, we all have to find a way to make our lemonade (listen to the intro on all Glass Half Full podcast episodes.)

I was a big fan of BORP before COVID-19 but now I am a total devotee! Four days/week I am moving with a community of others on Zoom. It’s fun, it’s a workout, and the whole experience is beautiful. Check out their classes and make a donation. Previously-recorded BORP classes are on their YouTube channel. BORP recommends other adaptive online exercise programs here.


Yoga with a combination of other practices



Healing in Community Online Summit

Dance for All Bodies has some wonderful classes!

Open Space Santa Clara Valley online hikes, meditation, drawing lessons, etc.

Birding is Accessible

Maybe not so accessible