Stories of Healing with Essential Oils

June 22, 2017

This episode features personal stories about how the use of essential oils has helped with a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, fatigue, post-surgical pain and post cancer treatment.

If you’re interested in deepening your exploration of essential oils, please leave me a note here.

For information about Dr. Kris Gast’s medical practice you can visit her radiation oncology website or Beauty through Health website.

To learn more about Lori Melero’s alternative care practice, visit her website.


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5 comments on “Stories of Healing with Essential Oils

  1. I Loved this episode! I always wanted to venture out and use Essential Oils but never knew which ones to try. I like the Oil you apply to your feet each day. Please send me the name of the one you use. Top Notch show!!! Love to add you to my web page if that’s ok with you? I believe everyone I know would enjoy a spoon full of your show.

    • Leslie Sep 13, 2017

      Thanks so much Yolanda! I’m glad you enjoyed this episode; you are definitely welcome to add it to your webpage. 😉 I use DDR Prime. You can find it by searching for the product name (or #41510001) here: Oh, I hope to make that a heaping spoon full…

  2. Thanks for sharing the useful post! Can I pin this post on my Pinterest board? My followers will love it. Your amazing insightful information about essential oils entails much to me.

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