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Hot off the press for August 1, 2023: An interview with Patrick Regan. Patrick, who has SMA (spinal muscle atrophy) uses AAC to communicate. Here’s our Zoom conversation about using assistive technologies like AAC. Perhaps you’d rather see our conversation on YouTube.

August 2: In March of 2016 I launched a podcast. Here’s my story.

August 3: It’s Summer! I envy those of you who enjoy the heat but even up here on the Northern California Coast I experience days of intense discomfort. Summer is often hellish for me. This podcast episode includes advice – from a number of people living with different chronic health conditions – for dealing with the heat. You’re welcome to share your Tips!

August 4: One of the Top 5 most downloaded podcast episodes is all about Medical Cannabis. This topic is popular on YouTube as well with these two segments: Medical Cannabis which is a teaser for the podcast episode and DIY: Cannabis is a demonstration of using some tools to transform the plant into other consumables.

August 5: Sleep is definitely the foundation of my Self-Care Pyramid. I go through periods of restless nights so I’m always looking to improve my daily sleep hygiene. This podcast episode follows up a PESI class I took taught by sleep specialist.

August 6: It’s Sunday so maybe you’d like to carve out 39 minutes to relax? This podcast episode is with one of my favorite sound healing practitioners. Here’s a short video clip to see (and hear) her work in action.

August 7: It’s all about ears and hearing with this podcast interview with an audiologist.

August 8: Over the years several podcast episodes have focused on the role nutrition plays in our physical and emotional health. Here is an episode with the Fermentation Guru, Sandor Katz.

August 9-11: Just a few years ago, as COVID was moving in on us, I did a 3-part series about Life After Cancer. Each episodes features a different woman. Each woman has a unique journey and experience coping with cancer. Shannon focused on reducing all types of toxins from her life. Jeanette used laughter to help her move on. Valerie made a variety of life changes including an intensive health retreat.

August 12: Have you ever been in a down mood and you hear a song that just pulls you out of the funk? For me, a disco classic that gets my body moving can really uplift me. Here’s a podcast episode with a friend I karaoked with as well as a conversation with a music therapist.

August 13: It’s a beautiful day here in Northern California which motivates me to get outside and take in some of that Vitamin N = Nature. Here’s one of my first podcast episodes devoted to the healing power of Nature with John Muir’s great-grandson.

August 14: In light of the recent Maui wildfires and this dawning of consistent natural disasters with hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and likely more wildfires in California where I live, I share this podcast episode with L. Vance Taylor —Chief, Office of Access and Functional Needs at California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

August 15: Not all of these podcast episodes focus on chronic health issues; many are related to all living beings. Health & Wellness is a concern for anyone of any age with varying abilities. This episode is all about the heart. If you’re reading these words, then it’s for you…unless you’re AI.

August 16: It’s near the end of the day and it’s been a long one for me. I can use a little Zen time which brings to mind one of my first podcast episodes all about Urban Zen. My guest was Valerie Jew who taught restorative yoga and turned me on to using essential oils. She talks about an Urban Zen program. But where I am now, it’s a bit more like Rural Zen.

August 17: If yesterday’s archived episode whet your appetite, then you’re ready to hear Shameka share how she started a contemplative practice in this podcast episode.

August 18: I love the idea of Food = Medicine. Since I have an incurable/untreatable progressive disorder I’ve spent over 25 years seeking alternative healing modalities. What I’ve discovered is that Movement + Nutrition + Attitude = a reasonable level of homeostasis. I have 3 podcast episodes exploring how Food = Medicine, here’s the first episode.

August 19: Here’s the second podcast episode exploring how Food = Medicine.

August 20: This podcast episode takes a different perspective on the Food = Medicine theme. It’s not just a case of what you eat and whether or not the food is organic, it’s taking into account what intention went into the food you eat. Food for thought?

August 21: With the writer’s strike lasting so long I know I’m not laughing as much; I miss The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert’s monologue. Here’s one of a few comics I’ve interviewed for a podcast episode who does believe Laughter in the Best Medicine.

August 22: This podcast episode is all about the public health issue — loneliness. I’ve gathered facts and resources on the topic. The pandemic certainly shined a light on the very palpable isolation much of society endured during lockdowns but one can experience loneliness at any time…even when surrounded by a family or intimate partner.

August 23: One of my favorite topics is Movement and this podcast episode with a Physical Therapist helps to codify the phrase, Movement is Medicine.

August 24: Are we on a roll with the topic of Movement? Here’s a podcast episode with one of my yoga teachers who found a lot of benefits from a walking practice with a social circle.

August 25: Have you tried Pilates? Here’s a podcast episode from pre-COVID time when I met in-person with a Pilates personal training session. Now I do an online seated Pilates class.

August 26: Online dance classes took off during the pandemic. Here’s a podcast episode with the co-founders of one dance organization and another solo instructor.

August 27: In the past 7 + years I’ve had the opportunity to interview all types of people — many that I’ve read or heard about and sought out, a few that have contact me to share their story, and a few that I know from my more formative years growing up in North Miami Beach, Florida. Here is a podcast episode featuring two gentlemen that I knew in middle school and our local synagogue.

August 28: Keeping with the theme of schoolmates, here is a podcast episode with someone I knew from the Brownies (pre-Girl Scouts) and rekindled our connections during COVID.

As seen in Oslo, Norway

August 29: As the days dwindle down to this month of August Archives, here is a page of Laughter-themed podcast episodes. I mean, who doesn’t need multiple doses of laughter?

August 30: This is still one of my favorite podcast episodes. Prayer is so fascinating, especially because there is research demonstrating how it can be a positive force for healing. I like to think of prayer as a form of meditation.

August 31: My last featured podcast episode for the August Archives is one of my most creative. It’s short and sweet and all about having a rare disease. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down Glass Half Full memory lane.