Brush & Floss to Avoid Tooth Loss: Dental Health During a Pandemic

July 9, 2020
Woman received dental treatment

People with anxiety, autism, blindness or low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, mobility challenges, chemical sensitivities, or PTSD may face unique challenges visiting a dental office. Now with the additional barrier — the COVID-19 pandemic — many people are postponing or cancelling routine dental appointments.

Dr. Helena Caballero, a dentist in Northern California, discusses oral health and hygiene, how COVID-19 has changed dentistry, and modifications for people with disabilities.

For additional information, you can download Creating Disability Friendly Dental Practices from The Independence Center. For those with Parkinson’s Disease, additional information is provided to maintain dental health. For those with neurological disorders, there is an article, “Dental Visits Made Easier” offering helpful tips.

Here is an article that discusses the little dental coverage that Medicare offers.

One comment on “Brush & Floss to Avoid Tooth Loss: Dental Health During a Pandemic

  1. I am so glad that you are raising awareness about this issue! I work at The Independence Center and am the author of the Creating Disabitliy-Friendly Practices report – thank you so much for including this in your podcast. If you ever would like to reach out, my email is; would love to connect.

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