Bucket List: Ocean ??

August 29, 2021

I can’t believe it’s been four months since my last post.

May was a big month – filled with the May Movement Challenge. Nearly every day of the month there was at least one – and in many cases multiple – free, accessible, online movement classes. It was amazing! If you missed it, here are some highlights.

Highlights from May Movement Challenge 2021

Each Saturday we had a virtual pow-wow complete with a stretch session, an instructor teaching about an aspect of a movement practice, and someone sharing about their personal journey with movement. I am tremendously grateful to all of the movement instructors who volunteered to teach. Special thanks to those who donated prizes for the weekly Give-Away (Lockdown Comedy ticket, Month of Chair Yoga classes, Life Coaching Session, Magazine Subscription to Spirituality & Health, and a wonderful grand prize of Daily Harvest organic, plant-based meals.)

Daily Harvest has extended their discount offer. Use the code GLASSHALFFULL to get your discount.

Over 200 people registered for the inaugural event. We have a Facebook group for those who would like to continue their movement practice challenge.

So where was I during the months of June through August?

As President Biden might say, “Here’s the deal…” It’s one of those pandemic stories. I did a good job with quarantine. My partner and I masked, socially distanced, didn’t go inside buildings other than our home, and saw very few people in person. I became a Zoom pro. I amped up my exercise routine and took daily walks.

During one of our daily walks my partner and I discussed my changing needs. Although I remain ambulatory, walking presents challenges. Especially when stairs are involved. We live(d) in an old Tudor house with my office and the bedroom on the second floor. I was incredibly mindful when going up and down the stairs. It was exhausting.

So, on one of these walks, I said “let’s move.”

There was always the option of renovating our home to make it more accessible but I really didn’t want to disrupt the architectural integrity of the house. It served us well for nearly 20 years. Plus, the COVID-19 experience had an impact on my values. Nature is so important to my physical and emotional health. I wanted more of it.

If ever I was asked about my “bucket” list, all I could ever say was to wake up in the morning and see the ocean. Without going into the long story, I got my wish. We moved from Alameda to Mendocino, California. Ironically, in 2018 I wrote a blog post for Brain + Life about my love of Mendocino. At that time I couldn’t imagine moving to the country. With a chronic health condition? Don’t I need access to neurologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists?

I don’t know. I never needed to see a doctor during the first year and a half of the pandemic. My healthy lifestyle has enabled me to continue to lead a quality-filled life. My hope is that I’ve now enhanced that healthy lifestyle. The air is fresher, there’s an ocean breeze, and everything is just slowed down. So far, this household of two humans and five cats are enjoying it.

And I’m back with the Glass Half Full! Stay tuned for two new podcast episodes before the end of September.

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