Driving Less Dazy: Responsible vs. Independent?

November 28, 2022

When to stop driving a moving vehicle? That is the question to ponder; is it a toss up between being a responsible adult or maintaining a sense of independence? For many people, this is a difficult choice. If you live in an urban or suburban location you may have many options available if you give up driving. For others, a car may be a necessity — one needed to get to gainful employment, purchase groceries, or use to transport family members more disabled than yourself.

Podcast Host Preparing to Be Responsible and Less Independent

In this academic paper, physicians discuss health conditions that predispose patients for difficulties with tasks required for driving a car safely. People with Alzheimer dementia, epilepsy, visual impairments, sleep apnea syndrome, cardiac dysrhythmias, substance dependency, and neurological disorders with a cognitive component are at risk.

In this MDA Engage recorded webinar, the presenter shares this factoid — For every mile driven there are 20 decisions that need to be made and less than ½ second to react.

This podcast episode explores the decision-making process for podcast host, Leslie Krongold, as well as for guest, Keisha Greaves. Both chose to give up driving before a doctor told them to.

If you, or a loved one, are concerned about your current driving skills, take this online assessment to gauge whether or not you should explore driving options.

Each U.S. state has unique laws regarding senior and/or drivers with specific disabilities; check what your state has on the books.

If you’re a caregiver in search of advice for your loved one, check out this U.S. Dept of Transportation website.

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