End-of-life: End Well, Bedside Yoga, and Death Doula

November 11, 2019

End-of-life planning is a huge topic. In previous podcast episodes we’ve covered the donation of body tissue for scientific research and attending a life transitions retreat. With three fascinating guests you’ll learn about an annual symposium which brings together healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers and others all “committed to generating human-centered, interdisciplinary innovation for the end of life experience,” a yoga therapist who trains others to care for the dying with bedside yoga, and a death doula.

Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, founder of End Well, speaks about her motivation and the need for the annual event. Molly Lannon Kenny shares how a Life After Loss program evolved into Bedside Yoga. Sarah Miller talks about becoming an end-of-life doula and her work at AARP.

For more information about the death wellness movement, check out my article on Spirituality & Health magazine’s website.

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