Join a group of new and old friends from across the U.S. and Canada (and maybe elsewhere too?) for Hello 2022. We’re a Zoom event featuring breathwork and movement, a little art, a little music, and a little interactive conversation with strangers.

You must register on Zoom to get the passcode to attend. (email me for Zoom registration:

Please be mindful of muting/un-muting at appropriate times. You’re welcome to attend for the entire event or come and go; just be quiet as you close the door. (ha, ha)

Schedule will be updated as necessary:

Time (Pacific/Eastern)PresenterWhat will happen
2:00 pm (Pacific), 5:00 pm (Eastern)Leslie KWelcome
2:10 pm (Pacific), 5:10 pm (Eastern)EllenBreath Work
2:20 pm (Pacific), 5:20 pm (Eastern)TinaRumba with Tina (dance)
2:30 pm (Pacific), 5:30 pm (Eastern)QuoraSound Alchemy with a Handpan Drum
2:40 pm (Pacific), 5:40 pm (Eastern)
2:50 pm (Pacific), 5:50 pm (Eastern)NancySketching – grab pen and paper
3:00 pm (Pacific), 6:00 pm (Eastern)JayA Man and His Guitar
3:10 pm (Pacific), 6:10 pm (Eastern)JudyA Woman and Her Ukelele
3:20 pm (Pacific), 6:20 pm (Eastern)GroupBreak Out Rooms
3:30 pm (Pacific), 6:30 pm (Eastern)BORPSeated Tai Chi
3:40 pm (Pacific), 6:40 pm (Eastern)ShamekaMeditation
3:50 pm (Pacific), 6:50 pm (Eastern)Leslie K2021 Trivia Quiz
4:00 pm (Pacific), 7:00 pm (Eastern)JaniceMovement is Medicine: Contemporary Dance
4:10 pm (Pacific), 7:10 pm (Eastern)GroupDance Contest: Dance This Mess Around by The B52s