How Can Music Help Us?

March 29, 2018

Singing along to classics from my youth definitely has a positive effect on my mood. From sharing a karaoke night with friends to learning about music therapy from a licensed creative arts therapist, this episode explores the healing power of music for young and old with conditions ranging from autism, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease to persons healing from trauma.

Laurel Roth Patton — mental health consumer, advocate, speaker, and writer — and I talk about our different karaoke experiences. Juliane Kowski, LCAT, MT-BC, MA — of Music Connects — discusses what music therapy is and how it varies depending on the client and what they need.


One comment on “How Can Music Help Us?

  1. Today I read Quest, and your article, Who Am I? Now I’m listening to your podcast for the first time. I am dealing with myotonic dystrophy as well. I have type 2. Dealing with a variety of issues. But, keeping my head up. Nice to ‘meet you’.

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