Neuropathy: Patient Turned Advocate

June 1, 2022

Glenn Ribotsky, a Board member with the Western Neuropathy Association, shares his dramatic initiation as a patient into the world of peripheral neuropathy. Now, 18 years later he advocates and offers support to others experiencing the often, invisible pain of a neuropathy.

Other organizations focused on research and support for those with a neuropathy include the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy and the Neuropathy Action Foundation.

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I’m actually one of those people. I’m fortunate in that I can actually distinguish, in my case the symptoms, and I’ll talk about why among different types of neuropathy. But I have problems where I have cervical spine impingement on my spinal cord, but I also have peripheral neuropathy. The impingement from the cord, though, tends to create symptoms that are much more localized because it said certain levels of the spine, in my case from C5 to C 7. In terms of that nomenclature, those symptoms are basically neck backs of shoulders and down the arms, whereas the more systemic peripheral things are body wide and the symptoms also are somewhat different. I mean, I get more typical compressive symptoms out of the cervical spine stuff as opposed to the other small fiber neuropathy. I have and define those terms for people, which is much more of a burning pain.

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