No Hugging Allowed: Tales of Covid-19

March 6, 2020

How is the threat of Covid-19 (coronavirus) impacting your life? Beyond fierce hand washing, are you changing how you relate to others? Is social distancing keeping you indoors? Are you second-guessing where you go, what you do, and with whom you spend time?

You’re not alone. People with chronic illness and/or compromised immune systems need to be vigilant as well as mindful.

For a few practical tips, listen to this podcast episode as well as the earlier episode, The Flu is Not for You. Here’s a recipe to create your own hand sanitizer. And if you’re ready for a little levity, check out this reoccurring segment on The Daily Show.

One comment on “No Hugging Allowed: Tales of Covid-19

  1. Tom Cappels Mar 17, 2020

    Hi Leslie – I came to your website, hoping to find a link to your virtual birthday party, but can’t find it. I will keep trying but I may end up missing the party. All the best -Tom and Michele

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