Put a Pink Ribbon on this Comic, Actress, Playwright, and Teacher

October 16, 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Meet Susan Jeremy — Comic, Actress, Playwright, and Teacher — and breast cancer survivor.

She’s also an old friend from my college days. We reminisce about way back when…as well as hear about Susan’s unfortunate experience at a New York medical clinic where she was told, “You’re over 40, it’s a cyst. Take aspirin.” The tumor grew.

Susan’s diagnosis and treatment led her to make life changes. She became one of the 48 teachers in Manhattan working directly with medically-challenged students; 80% of them undergoing chemotherapy.

Eventually, she wrote and starred in her one-woman show, Teacher in the House. While her performance schedule is impacted due to COVID, you can enjoy her dancing and character sketches on Tik Tok.

For additional podcast episodes with breast cancer survivors, visit this page.

3 comments on “Put a Pink Ribbon on this Comic, Actress, Playwright, and Teacher

  1. It’s so awful that women aren’t checked as they should be, still now after years of campaigning for greater awareness of breast cancer.

  2. It all sounds so scary. Thank you to your friend for allowing her story and experience to be shared, and to you for providing the platform to do so!

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