Self-Care Challenge: What am I eating?

May 2, 2019

Selective memory? I remember many things. Like that amazing dinner we had last night at a posh vegan restaurant somewhere in London. I even remember the name — Vanilla Black. But I have no idea what I had for breakfast, lunch, or dinner three days ago.

It probably wasn’t as memorable. Not as pretty. Not as tasty. And maybe not as healthy.

Depending on our metabolism, our digestion may move slowly…sluggishly…so it’s prudent to have a sense of what you eat, how much, and when. How can you know what may have disagreed with your system if your memory isn’t always keen?

Last year when I started using the Health Storylines app, I took quickly to the Food Diary feature. Having the app on my home desktop computer as well as my smartphone allows me to capture my meals quickly without relying on three-day old memories.

The feature also provides space for you to record any type of physical reaction to the meal.

Another way I use the feature is to scan how I’ve been eating the past few days — have I consumed enough greens, fruits, and other healthy whole foods? Am I limiting my intake of processed foods?

Because I can’t rely on my memory. 😉

One comment on “Self-Care Challenge: What am I eating?

  1. I need to check this app out. Thank you. I have tried so many apps but had not heard of this one yet.

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