Uncover the stronger part of yourself…

July 21, 2022

Liz Ann Kurdrna, Pilates instructor, feels like her emotional recovery from a rock climbing injury is ongoing yet “knowing that I have to show up for someone else…by teaching…it helps. It helps you uncover the stronger part of yourself.”

In this podcast episode, Liz Ann talks about her lifelong love of rock climbing as well as her participation in other outdoor activities such as swimming, snow skiing, and cycling. In Montana, where she’s lived for the past 20+ years, she teaches online and in-person Pilates. Liz Ann has competed in local Triathlon events with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

In this video Liz Ann demonstrates a few Pilates Breathwork exercises.

To learn more about Liz Ann’s online classes, check her website. You can register for her Seated Pilates class sponsored by BORP.

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