Where in the world have I been?

November 20, 2009

I’ve had the best of intentions to maintain at least a weekly blog…but..somehow…months have passed, and nothing’s been penned.

In early September I went to a Diabetes Summit in Sacramento and then a week later to the IDMC-7 in Würzburg, Germany. So much was swimming through my head…I have written, and mental, notes on lessons learned during these two events…but time has passed. Somehow I’ll address these, perhaps on the Resources Page.

In late October an event I spent a year planning took place — the first ever Special Needs-Special Services Resource Fair — sponsored by the City of Alameda’s Commission on Disability Issues. We had about 40 vendors from our city, county, and a few state and federal organizations. It was a great event, lots of networking with organizations providing services to people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Unfortunately attendance by the public wasn’t high so we’ve got work to do.

Right now I am thrilled to be moving much closer to conducting my research study and graduating in May. If all goes according to “the plan.” And sometimes these plans just don’t work like you want them to. I didn’t think it would take 5 years to finish this doctoral program. But, here I am.

Today I met with a support group facilitator for adults with lupus. We have so much in common and hopefully in the new year we’ll begin a support group for support group facilitators. If you live in Northern California, and facilitate a support group for adults with a chronic health condition, please contact me.


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