What is your Risk Tolerance? We’re talking about COVID-19.

June 9, 2020

We’re not talking about your financial investments. How much of a health risk are you willing to take during the current pandemic? Do you wear a facial mask when you leave your home? Do you maintain six feet of physical distance from people who do not live with you? Are you avoiding crowds? Postponing health appointments?

As our cities and towns gradually open up, will you change your behaviors or wait for a reliable vaccine?

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3 comments on “What is your Risk Tolerance? We’re talking about COVID-19.

  1. Ellen S Jun 19, 2020

    Glad you’re back. This podcast was quite validating. I’ve been facing some of these challenges, trying to engage in various online opportunities, and reflecting on my own risk comfort. Thank you

  2. Thank you. My first time listening. My husband and me live much as the way you describe here post Covid as he/we live with numerous autoimmune diseases.

    I believe that everyone/every family unit is coming to their new sense of normal for these times and that it is okay as long as we use our words and move down the road of life together one respecting the others aversion to risk.

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