An Unusual Fall

October 4, 2021

Falls don’t always happen when you’re standing. Although balance and fall prevention classes help increase your odds of preventing a near fall, some falls are just unusual accidents. Like sitting in a chair where the seat gives way and your derriere hits the ground. That’s one unusual fall.

Fortunately, movement and flexibility classes improve your chances of diminishing the impact of the fall.

For more information on Balance and Fall Prevention, listen to this podcast episode with UCSF Physical Therapy Professor, Erica Pitsch.

The Mat Pilates class offered by BORP is described as: Designed by and for people with spinal cord injuries but open and beneficial to all, the Adaptive Pilates Mat Class is a unique class essential for those that sit in a chair all day and are able to get  up and down off of the floor or have access to a raised mat.  Liz Ann will lead the class through the basic principles of Pilates, helping you to get stronger, more flexible and even to have improved coordination. Pilates also uses specific sequential breathing methods combined with intense concentration on a specific body part to create an effective exercise routine.

To find out about other adaptive/accessible online movement classes, join the Facebook group: Movement Challenge.

One comment on “An Unusual Fall

  1. Susan Mayfield Oct 10, 2021

    Thank you, Leslie. I can’t imagine the painful surprise you felt from tumbling through the rotten rubber of the chair. Thank goodness no bones were broken.

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