Coping Just Fine: Working from Home, Streaming Media & Making Masks

July 26, 2020

Featured are four people — with their own unique health conditions — that are coping and making the best of the quarantine and pandemic.

Luda Gogolushko, who has SMA Type 3 and lives in Southern California, continues to write and publish from the safety of her home.

Lindsey Kizer, in North Carolina, gets to telecommute for her job and tries to maintain self-care routines to avoid narcoleptic flare ups.

Jay Carr, with myotonic dystrophy in Virginia, spends more time with his teenage son during the lockdown. He also cheers others with his humorous Facebook posts and musical interludes.

Peter Slobodnik, outside of Sacramento, keeps himself busy by making masks for friends and family while also planning an advocacy bike ride to draw attention to his rare disease, Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

Each of these podcast guests has found their own way to cope with the pandemic.

3 comments on “Coping Just Fine: Working from Home, Streaming Media & Making Masks

  1. Dianne Hayes Aug 7, 2020

    Hi Leslie. My name is Dianne Hayes and I just listened to one of your podcasts when you interviewed Jay, Peter and Lesley.
    I have Limb-Girldle M.D. , I was diagnosed at 3 years old in Boston. At first the local Doctors didn’t know why I was not progressing and called it “failure to thrive” ( how ridiculous is that!) and was not sure I’d make it to 40. Well, I’m 53 now and have a birthday coming up at the end of the month. Every year is a blessing. I live in sunny Fl. and have a wonderful church family support group as well as a few great friends with M.D. Thank you for your podcasts and openness, it helps. God bless you and all your do. Be healthy and strong, as strong as you can.

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